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Last Landscape•Last Master

This exhibition focuses on the art of 19th century. 19th century is the transition period of world history. With the Industrial Revolution in Western Europe and North America, technology and economy developed rapidly and science became increasingly important. During this period, the popular Classical Art is being replaced by Romanticism and moving to Impressionism. In fact, the artworks after 19th century cannot be categorized into different styles. Values was changing that we should pay attention to the attitude of the artists than summarizing them into certain doctrine. This exhibition is diverse in themes and styles. The Last Landscape reflects the recall in the fast-changing industrial world.

Artists:  Adolphe JourdanAndre Francis BeaurepairePaul SignacJean Baptiste Coene,André Cortès,Auguste Allongé,Francais Francois Louis Willy EISENSCHITZ Jean Etienne KARNEC MANTELET Albert GoguetRaoulDufy Chu Teh Chun.

Organizer: Beautiful Asset Art Industry Co., Ltd

         CIEA·BA Exhibition Co., Ltd

Time: Jan 21, 2015 - Apr 10, 2015

Venue: Beautiful Asset Art Project (5th Floor, Hanhai Culture     

       Building, Xiangjun Beili, Chaoyang District) 

TEL: 65000975-825

Herds in pond/ André Cortès (1866-1920)/oil on canvas/33x46cm

Flock by the river/André Cortès (1866-1920)/oil on canvas/33x46cm

The village/André Cortès (1866-1920)/oil on canvas/33x46cm/1841

Afternoon/André Cortès (1866-1920)/oil on canvas/33x46cm/1841

Sunshine/ Francais Francois Louis (1814-1897) /oil on wood/   29.5x45.5cm

Fishiing/Auguste Allongé (1833-1898)/oil on canvas /35x54cm /1872

Garden/Willy EISENSCHITZ (1889-1974)/ oil on canvas /56x46cm/ 1915

View of Arnheim /Jean Etienne KARNEC (1865-1934)/oil on wood/ 24x34.5cm

Ballerina/MANTELET Albert Goguet (1858-1925) / gouache/ 50x60cm

Mother/Adolphe Jourdan (1825-1889) /oil on canvas 92x72.5cm 1889

Salome and JohntheBaptist'shead/unknown/oil on canvas/96x80cm 1850-1870

The bridge/ Paul Signac (1863-1935) /watercolor/ 22.3x28.5cm 1927

Blue impression/André Beaurepaire (1924-2012)/toner/ 64×80cm

Still life/Raoul•Dufy (1877-1953) /oil on canvas/ 38.5×46.5cm 1923

Red image/Chu Teh Chun (1920-2014)/oil on canvas/80×66cm 1981