“China Young Artist Project” (CYAP) is proud to present a group exhibition from September 13th-20th for 27 of China’s hottest young artists in cooperation with the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in Turkey, a ten minute walk from Antrepo, the main Biennale site.

CYAP is the only Chinese organization to host the parallel exhibition during the Biennale. Titled “Color Temperature”, this exhibition is the first of its kind featuring hottest young artists from CYAP and partnering with the leading fine arts university in Turkey. It marks a critical step moving towards engaging into the world art arena since CYAP’s establishment in 2012, by inviting Turkish curator and young Turkish artists’ works under the same roof to build the east- west bridge.

In order to appreciate this exhibition titled “Color Temperature”, one needs to know that in Chinese culture, the venerable Chinese character for temperature “温” has multiple positive emotional meanings like warmth, review, caring, temperature, etc. So this exhibition is about the relationship between colors and the emotional temperatures they generate in the mind’s eye of the viewer. Since viewers’ life experiences color their perceptions, the combinations are infinite. It focuses on the Chinese young artists’ expression in vivid details and how it gets involved with great passion in the reality.

CYAP’s model is simple. Select the most promising artists by a jury composed of the world’s most distinguished members. Professionally introduce the young talents to audiences at home and abroad in high level exhibitions. Provide initial marketing and public relations counsel in art and general media, in both traditional and new media.

CYAP works not only to discover and support China’s new generation of young artists, but to encourage artistic exchange among young artists, stimulate creativity, establish new cultural values, organize larger and more global events, and build support with media and other promotional outlets. It seeks to broaden the global outlook of its participants, as well as setting up a platform for cross-cultural exchange. CYAP attempts to deeply infiltrate established ideological and cultural modes, enabling its young artists to inspire each other through the exchange and collision of ideas.

CYAP is a non-profit project conceived and sponsored by the China International Culture Association and Beautiful Asset (Beijing) Art Industry Co., Ltd.

All of the artists participating in this exhibition are young artists. Their works are full of life, products of their liberal outlooks and personalized forms of expression, reflective of history and concerned with culture, they confront head-on the predicaments of human survival and the spiritual struggles of the individual. These artists’ journeys have just begun, and in many ways, they are far from mature, however, in capturing the realities of the present and the emergence of the personalization of art, each demonstrates his or her own independent creative spirit.

The first round of the 2012 CYAP artist selection process was divided into two stages. The first consisted of nominations by a group of art world professionals, as well as artist self-nominations. The second stage evaluation of the 1,328 applications, was done by a nine-person jury of well-known international and Chinese art experts and professionals, chaired by China International Culture Association’s Vice President and Secretary-General Dong Junxin. Other members of the jury included Fan Di’an. Director of the National Art Museum of China; Wu Hung, Director of the Center for the Art of East Asia at the University of Chicago; Xu Bing, Vice President of the Central Academy of Fine Arts and esteemed artist. Close to one hundred artists were selected to enter into CYAP’s first class.