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Introduction of CIEA·BA Exhibition Co.,Ltd.

To jointly boost the external interflow in culture & art sector, to enhance the impact of the Chinese art on the international community and to upgrade the national soft power of culture, Beautiful Asset (shortened as BA) and China International Exhibition Agency (shortened as CIEA) have founded CIEA·BA Exhibition Co., Ltd., a new company with a strong and effective combination of the experience in exhibition industry from CIEA and financial capital support from BA. China International Exhibition Agency is the first state-level art exhibition agency after the establishment of new China and is one of the two key subsidiaries of China International Arts and Entertainment Group. For the past half century CIEA commits itself to the mission of introducing Chinese culture to the world and world civilizations into China by organizing thousands of international exhibitions.

The operation principle of CIEA·BA Exhibition Co., Ltd. is one of the specialization-oriented, market-oriented and internationalization-oriented. In accordance with the set principle the new company will provide its service in exhibition curating, art works arranging, plan executing and more. CIEA·BA Exhibition Co., Ltd. will work with the main museums, art galleries, culture & art foundations, the relevant bodies of biennials as well as media and will offer its help in having the art woks value increased and the artists popularized. The CIEA·BA Exhibition Co., Ltd. consists of Department of Art Exhibition, Department of Commercial Exhibition and Department of Venue Alliance.

Department of Art Exhibition, being the main body of the company is engaged in undertaking, curating, organizing exhibitions of high level both at home and abroad.  The Department also looks after the overseas exhibitions allocated by CIEA. In addition, the Department’s scope covers the contacts with Chinese renowned artists and galleries and provides them with the access to important national & international exhibitions and art fairs. The Department tries to make itself a model in the exhibition industry with its perspective focusing on the future.

Department of Commercial Exhibition focuses on introducing the international exhibitions with prospectively high revenue to be displayed in China. The Department will cooperate with the local governments, main museums, foundations and media to make the exhibitions meet the ever increasing spiritual and cultural demand among the public guided by the local policy set for the culture industry and the market demand.

The Department of Venue Alliance is to make a national network of galleries and museums with local impact located in the main cities of China. The members of Venue Alliance will benefit from sharing the recourses of theme exhibitions and exhibits within the Venue Alliance. At the same time the Department provides the local governments with overall planning and hosting management operation for their culture and culture industry areas.

While expanding the size of the Venue Alliance, the Department will work closely with other departments to set up the nation-wide venue network relying on the  brand influence, the rich recourses of artists and exhibits of CIEA·BA Exhibition Co.,Ltd. and the complete system of art industry. As per the set development plan the Department will make the inter-regional cooperation and restructuring happen with the cooperation and help from all the partners. The operating on large scale and intensification covering most main markets of China will activate the national exhibition resources, set up the industrial chains for the designing, the making and the selling of the derivatives of the art works, which will create the new era for the Chinese culture market.