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While expanding the size of the China Art Museum Union , the Department will work closely with other departments to set up the nation-wide venue network relying on the brand influence, the rich recourses of artists and exhibits of CIEA·BA Exhibition Co.,Ltd. and the complete system of art industry. As per the set development plan the Department will make the inter-regional cooperation and restructuring happen with the cooperation and help from all the partners. The operating on large scale and intensification covering most main markets of China will activate the national exhibition resources, set up the industrial chains for the designing, the making and the selling of the derivatives of the art works, which will create the new era for the Chinese culture market.

The CIEA·BA Exhibition Co., Ltd. (shortened as CIEA·BA) and the China Art Museum Union members can develop and cooperative in different aspects.

Ⅰ. Sharing resource

CIEA·BA can provide the union members with high level exhibition resources at home and abroad. CIEA·BA is integrated with the resources of China International Exhibition Agency and Beautiful Asset Art Industry Co., Ltd, and introduce several dozen excellent arts exhibitions each year. The abundant resources can satisfy different exhibition demands; also the union members can build directly contact with artists, and overcome the question of asymmetry information and lay the foundation for future development.

CIEA·BA can assist to organize exhibitions, proseminar, and to plan and prepare the academic international exhibitions as well as forum activities. CIEA·BA provide union members with abroad exhibition and venue information, and can also arrange union members to have oversea business tours in accordance with the request.

CIEA·BA will built a interactive website to convey the latest artistic theories, exhibition information and art works market dynamics; and to realize the interchange and sharing of exhibition information and collection resources, to realize the maximize sharing.

Ⅱ. To organize arts education activities, and to conduct the arts training

CIEA·BA can hold art training classes aimed at schoolchildren and the elderly according to concrete conditions. CIEA·BA can provide arts training classes with teachers and teaching materials, and the union members are responsible for the recruitment.

Ⅲ. To establish the VIP club

CIEA·BA will cultivate high consumption crowd which have higher artistic taste, the VIP member are artists, entrepreneurs, financiers, art collectors. CIEABA will help the union members to provide a series of member activities, such as to participate in gallery exhibitions, arts salon and arts lectures for free, the standard star-class consulting services, to enjoy the individualized arts consultancy service, to participate in enterprise exchanges and fraternities, to join in important exhibitions and VIP cocktail party, to visit the world’s top arts exhibitions etc.

Ⅳ. To have the exchange activities with top manager of galleries and museums

CIEA·BA will invite the experts and scholars from home and abroad to hold several symposium and proseminar about academy and art market, also to organize the union members to participate in the exchange activities and international art exhibitions. At the meanwhile, CIEA·BA can provide the union members with personalized help, to invite and organize relevant person to have solo communication with the union members according to their request.

Ⅴ. Arts lectures

CIEA·BA will organize arts lectures in accordance with different union members’ exhibitions and demands, to invite artists and critics to participate in.

Ⅵ. The chain selling for arts derivatives

CIEA·BA will provide the union members with the overall designs and manufactures of the art derivatives. The arts derivatives will be sold in the union members, the sales revenues will be shared in proportion. The union members can also join in the chains, CIEA·BA will unify the store style to establish the brand effect.

Ⅶ. To operate arts bookstores, cafes, restaurant in cooperation with the union members

CIEA·BA will operate the relaxation spaces such as arts bookstores, cafes, restaurant in cooperation with the union members in their venues. The CIEA·BA will responsible for the overall design which will consistent with the atmosphere and artistic concepts of the union members.

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